Szeged, Hungary 19-22 May 2022

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Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to announce that the first Symposium on Nuclear Actin will take place in the Biological Research Centre (BRC) Szeged, Hungary, between 19-22 May, 2022. The meeting will focus on the many roles that have been ascribed to cytoskeletal proteins in the cell nucleus. The registration has been closed and you can find information about the conference at:

We aim to organize a meeting which provides an ideal academic platform for researchers investigating the roles of nuclear actin and their impacts on cellular functions. During the conference there will be plenty of time for scientific discussions and personal conversations in order to build up a strong network among us.

The meeting will take place in the new conference center of the BRC Szeged, where the lecture hall, the restaurant and social rooms will all be located in one building, and will provide ample possibilities for professional discussions.

Our conference will be among the first, long-awaited in-person meetings. The health and well-being of everybody are of course of the utmost importance to us. Currently, all pandemic related restrictions have been lifted in Hungary, but of course, if there would be changes to the guidelines and instructions for any reason, attendees will be promptly notified.

I am convinced that this event will stimulate our research and help to gain more visibility to the nuclear actin field. I really hope that the symposium will provide a creative and friendly atmosphere, where new collaborative partnerships are formed, and sincerely hope to see you in Szeged.



Best regards,
Péter Vilmos


2022. Március 9.