Hungarian Molecular Life Science Conference 2023

Hungarian Molecular Life Science Conference 2023
Dear Colleagues,

The Hungarian Biochemical Society (MBKE) representing the disciplines of biochemistry and molecular biology, and the Hungarian Genetics Society (MAGE) acting for genetics, cell- and developmental biology, organize their sixth joint conference, entitled
in Eger, Hungary, between 24-26. March, 2023.

By organizing this event, also promoted by the Hungarian Society for Bioinformatics, our scientific societies are committed to maintaining the traditions, which started with the first “Hungarian Molecular Life Sciences” meeting in 2013. Scientists from institutions of higher education and research institutes of Hungary, as well as of some foreign countries, are anticipated to attend the meeting. The goal of the conference is to establish a common forum for colleagues working in the fields of biochemistry, cell and structural biology, developmental biology, classic and molecular genetics, molecular biology of human diseases, systems biology, synthetic biology, proteomics, genomics, epigenetics, and bioinformatics. In addition, we believe that our conference will provide excellent opportunities for personal discussions in a creative and friendly atmosphere.

The meeting will be held in the conference center of Hotel Eger&Park in Eger, the same venue where we have already had several successful meetings over the past years. The location was chosen to host the lecture halls, the poster exhibition area and that of the company exhibitors in one building, together with the restaurants and social rooms, providing ample possibilities for professional conversations and recreational activities alike.

Hereby we kindly invite you to participate in the Hungarian Molecular Life Sciences 2023 conference. We count on your contribution to a scientific symposium with great atmosphere that will be memorable and beneficial for the whole Community of the Hungarian molecular life sciences. The official language of the conference is English.

For further information, please visit the following webpage

The congress is organized in collaboration with Diamond Congress, Co. ( Please, do not hesitate to contact them regarding questions you might have on organizational details.

László Buday
President of MBKE
József Mihály
President of MAGE
László Virág
Vice President of MBKE
Beáta Lontay
Secretary General of MBKE
Gábor Juhász
Board member of MAGE
Rita Sinka
Board member of MAGE
2021. Július 2.